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ELiSE - Evolutionary Light Structure Engineering

A method for improving lightweight structures

Meaning, purpose and objective of the procedure
The method is used to improve lightweight structures by systematic use of different pre-optimized lightweight structures plankton organisms.

Function declaration
Lightweight construction for specific technical problems can often be solved by very different geometries. This situation is often replaced by the term "optimization Mountains". This shows a difficulty of linear optimization methods such as Computer Aided Optimization (CAO) and Soft Kill Option (SKO) or topology and shape optimization. With the use of iterative, linear optimization procedures often only a local, but not the global optimum is reached.

Within the procedure ELiSE a database of specific, pre-optimized lightweight structures is used, allowing effective and rapid development of various new lightweight solutions. The technical realization is supported by basic research  in the fields of plankton evolution, plankton biomechanics, diatoms taxonomy and genetic algorithm.

What makes ELiSE to innovation?
The procedure ELiSE builds on findings on basic research, which show that the shells of planktonic organisms are exposed to different mechanical loads by feeding tools.
The innovation compared to other approaches is that non-abstract solutions are extracted, but also concrete structures from a database as pre-optimized lightweight structures are used for technical problems. This leads to diverse, fast and effective solutions.
The scaling of microscopic lightweight structures is possible due to the fact that both, material cross-section and surface pressure are scaled by the square of the linear scale. Therefore fantastic lightweight structures from the microcosm can be transfered for almost any technical application.

ELiSE was awarded by the NoAE Innovation Competition 2008 in the category of "CO2 Reduction, Lightweight Design and New Materials" by Federal Economics Minister Michael Glos. A portion (rim Development) is honoured by the Vienna Standard to the "Idea of the Year 2007".


Short introduction to ELiSE

Go through the presentation (by clicking the > buttom) and learn more about ELiSE (german version):



For more informations visit the ELiSE 3D website.

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