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Department Marine Aquaculture for Sustainable Fisheries

Our focus is based on our knowledge in the development of modern aquaculture techniques including experience in system design, site selection, and selection of collector materials for spat collection as well as physiology and ecology of cultivated organisms.


Recirculating Technology

Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) represent production systems, which recirculate partial or complete the water used for the culture. Therefore the water is treated and can be reused. Commonly only a small fraction - between 1 and 10% - of the total system volume will be replaced per day.

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Open Ocean Technology

Due to different restrictions an enhancement of aquaculture production in German coastal regions is hardly possible. These restrictions usually are caused by the different stakeholders of the coastal regions as well as the requirement of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). Therefore the only reasonable solution to enhance the aquaculture production in German territorial waters is to move away from the coastline to more exposed offshore regions, what is then called offshore aquaculture.

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Sustainable Fisheries

The meaning of Sustainable Fisheries is, in easy words, just to take as much fish from the sea as it is produced by the sea at the same time. Fish stocks therefore have the chance to recover. Applying this concept would conserve the ecosystem sea and protect the fisheries from varying catches.


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