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The centre for aquaculture research (ZAF) consists of modern and multifunctional equipment and, therefore, is able to meet the different requirements for recirculating aquaculture technologies. The IMARE GmbH operates public-funded research projects together with national and international research facilities and/or industry partners. The facility and equipment can also be rented for research and development by customers from science and private industry. Moreover the IMARE GmbH offers education and training working with aquaculture systems.

The various concepts of the divers RAS allow to treat different aquaculture issues. This involves, for example, aspects of the nutrient balance of the culture animals or the optimum diet composition and amount. As well ecological and economical aspects of the aquaculture can be investigated.


The available spectrum of methods includes for example the:

  • Determination of dissolved nutrient concentrations (e.g. N- and P- compounds)
  • Determination of particular nutrient concentrations (e.g. carbohydrate, nitrogen, phosphor)
  • Determination of essential water parameters (temperature, salinity, oxygen saturation, pH value, redox potential)
  • Determination of the germ number inside the culture water
  • Determination of the organic matter of divers sample materials (feed, faeces, biofilm).


The analyse methods listed above represent only some examples of the methods available. If you are interested in any method not mentioned, please contact our team.

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