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Dipl. Biol. Uli B. Seemann

Research Scientist





  • Project management "Astra"
  • Project management "SusAqua"
  • Acquisition
  • IT support



Bussestraße 27
Room OA13
27570 Bremerhaven

Tel.: +49 (0)471-4831-2813
Fax: +49 (0)471-4831-2210




  • Crayfish (particularly A. astacus)
  1. Biology: demand on system design, feed and water quality
  2. Feeding: growth performance and vitality
  3. Reproduction: breeding, breeding and incubation systems
  4. System design: esp. opportunities for polyculture
  5. Economics: densities, RAS design, energy and nutirent balance
  6. Analytics: water and nutrient analysis
  • Recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS)
  1. Biology of candidates: suitability for RAS and OPS
  2. System-design and techniques: opportunities and requirements for an economic production
  3. Integration-potentials: for OPS, RAS and especially polyculture systems
  • Network formation
  1. forum flusskrebse
  2. International Astacology Association (IAA)
  3. Bundesverband Aquakultur (BVA)
  4. Workshops
  • Consulting, Service and Customer acquisition
  1. Proposal preparation for funding applications (national & international)
  2. Integration of recirculating aquaculture systems in existing infrastructures
  • IT-Support
  1. OS set up & backup
  2. Server set up, support & data integrity

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