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Interested in a bachelor, project or master thesis in this project?


Topics span from technical to biological issue. These are e.g.:

  • Technique – System design
  • Technique – Watertreatment
  • Technique/Biol. – Nutrient discharge
  • Technique/Biol. – Breeding
  • Technique/Biol. – Light management
  • Technique/Biol. – Grading
  • Biol. – Stocking density
  • Biol. – Feed experiments
  • Biol. – Polyculture experiments / Integration
  • Biol. – Outdoor experiments (Pond systems)


Following theses are in progress:

  • Experiment concerning light induced moulting of A. astacus (Project thesis, J. Bünning)
  • Nutrient analysis and RAS maintenance (Internship, S. Lange)


Following theses were done:

  • RAS-Cleaningsystem & its influence on growth performance of A. astacus (Master thesis, University of Applied Science Bremerhaven; G. Jähne)
  • Options of polyculture and systems for A. astacus with tilapia (Master thesis, University of Applied Science Bremerhaven; N. Kröncke)
  • Systems for rearing and incubating A. astacus (Project thesis, S. Jordan)
  • Interactive and non-interactive system designs for culturing A. astacus with another specie (N. Kröncke)
  • Effectivity of two different nutrient discharge systems (Project, University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven; N. Kröncke)
  • Growth performance of 8 month old crayfish with a 2-fodder-compound (Project, University Rostock; G. Jähne)
  • Construction of a rearing system for the european Nobel Crayfish (Astacus astacus) and feed management investigations (Master thesis, University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven; K. Lorkowski)



Uli B. Seemann

Bussestr. 27

27570 Bremerhaven

Raum: DA17

Tel.: 0471-4831-2813



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