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Crayfish Workshop

Topic: Status quo of crayfish

Date: 11/09/2012

14 representatives from fisheries, research and public authorities met on 9th November at the Institute for Marine Resources (IMARE) in Bremerhaven for a workshop focused on crayfish. The aim of the workshop was on the one hand the determination of the status quo of the threatened crayfish Astacus astacus in Lower Saxony and Bremen including the responsible stakeholders and on the other hand, the necessary actions and a discussion of intersections leading to project ideas for the protection of A. astacus.


  • Cancer incidence in Lower Saxony - Dr. Arzbach, State Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety
  • Presentation of the project "Astra" - Mr. Seemann / Mr. Lorkowski, IMARE
  • Presentation of the crayfish farm in Poggenhagen - Mr. Göckemeyer, crayfish farmer
  • Visit of the Center for Aquaculture Research (ZAF; U. Seemann)
  • Scope of the fish desease regulation in relation to crustacean aquaculture - Dr. Kleingeld, State Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety
  • Genetic characterization of strain breeding - Ms. Schrimpf, University of Koblenz-Landau
  • Crayfish farm Wendland - Mr. Meyer
  • Coexistence of Pacifastacus leniusculus and Astacus astacus - Mr. Everding, crayfish farmer
  • Crayfish in the country og Osnabrück - Mr. Herpin, Public Environmental Service Osnabrück
  • Crayfish project in the country of Osnabrück - Mr. Rötker, Planning Office
  • Crayfish farming Krebszucht am Schloß - Mr. Harms, crayfish farmer



Visiting the lobster station on Helgoland

Date: 05/13/2013

Through the lively exchange on the crayfish workshop 2012 and the suggestion of Fam. Göckemyer, 14 participants met in Cuxhaven on 13 May 2013 to visit the lobster station on Helgoland (Alfred-Wegener-Institute for Polar and Marine Research; Organization: IMARE / U. Seemann). Beside visiting the station, a very interesting lobster tour including lectures by Dr. Schmalenbach and Prof. Dr. Buchholz, an exchange of ideas was possible afterwards. The trip was completed with a trip around the island., taking the ferry back to Cuxhaven in the late afternoon .

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