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Project MariCheck

The construction of the Center for Aquaculture Research in Bremerhaven was financed by the Konjunkturpaket II. This included the construction of the new building and the Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS), along with a laboratory, a scientific workshop, an office and a storage room. The facility was inaugurated in March 2011.



The project MariCheck, financed by the European Fishery Fund (EFF), covered the development of the infrastructure essential to run an aquaculture facility. This includes laboratory equipment and the process measuring and control technology for the aquaculture systems. Land-based RAS have promising perspectives for the environmentally sound and sustainable supply of fish products. Despite great progress over the past years, there are still numerous of unresolved technological, biological and economic issues. The Center for Aquaculture Research (ZAF) will be dealing with these kinds of issues with an applied use for the economy.

The aim of project MariCheck was the selection and acquisition of the process measuring and control technology needed for the aquaculture facility. Besides the real-time measurements, generally by sensors, more parameters have to be taken by laboratory analysis. The process measuring and control technology coordinated with the laboratory equipment will allow a broad and complete acquisition of data.

Another objective was the development of a network in the seaside town Bremerhaven. The network will bring together diverse questions and needs of the fishery industry, consumers and sciences about fish and marine products. The aquaculture facility makes it possible to work on these questions and needs with local and national business partners.



Marcus Thon, ZAF scientific manager

Phone: +49 (0)471-4831-2705



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