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Immune-enhancing feed additives in fish feeds for marine flatfish

The focus of this project is the development of optimized flat fish diets by using feed additives. These substances must be directly applicable for intensive aquaculture and should enhance animal health and reduce feed input.

In the context of rising resource prices and the growing demand for high quality, sustainably produced and secure food it is essential for the aquafeed industry to continuously optimize diet composition and to look for new solutions to enhance fish growth and health.

Thus the NEISFish project aims to develop new feed compositions for commercially relevant flat fish species in four consecutive project phases. The first phase is a screening process for promising feed additives which are available and permitted on the European market. The selection process will be based on literature research and preliminary tests. In the second stage, the effect of identified additives will be characterized in feeding trials with turbot (Scophthalmus maximus). In a third phase, the most promising feed composition will be further optimized and validated in a second feeding trial. In a fourth stage this feed will be tested on other flat fish species (Sole, Japanese flounder, Starry flounder). The feeding trials will be accompanied by performance tests (growth, feeding conversion etc.), followed by laboratory analysis of nutrition physiology and immunology as well as microbiotical and clinical-parasitological diagnostics.



The following scientific and industrial partners are involved in this collaborative research project: Tierärztliche Hochschule Hannover (Abteilung Fischkrankheiten und Fischhaltung), Freie Universität Berlin (Institut für Tierernährung), Köster Marine Proteins GmbH, J. Müller Weser GmbH & Co. KG und der Intertek Food Services GmbH Bremen.


Theses and project work

The project NEISFish offers opportunities to complete Bachelor- and Masters Theses or other project work. Read here for more information.



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Thesis & Internship / Abschlussarbeiten & Praktika

im Projek NEISFish. Für Details öffnen Sie bitte das pdf Dokument.


Student assistant / HiWi Stellen

im Projek NEISFish. Für Details öffnen Sie bitte das pdf Dokument.