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SusAqua - Sustainable Aquaculture

Aim of this study is the elaboration of two proposals focusing on a sustainable and polyculture based fish production regarding the parameters: energy, nutrients, water and space. Polyculture implifies culturing different fish species in one system and shall lead to a more efficient resource management in pond and recirculating aquaculture systems.

The proposals will include partners from industry. Suitable markets are identified as direct marketing (regional product) and nationwide industr.

Submitted project ideas will be carried out with 3rd party funds and shall foster the environmentally relevant topic "Sustainable Aquaculture" in Bremerhaven.

Project management: Uli Seemann

Duration: April 2014 December 2014


Funded by the federal state Bremen of the funding programme "Angewandte Umweltforschung" (AUF).

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