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Center for Aquaculture Research – ZAF

The Center for Aquaculture Research offers a modern multi-purpose infrastructure and experienced staff for conducting experimen-tal research on culturing aquatic animals and plants. On one hand we focus on the biological requirements of the organisms. On the other hand we work on optimising husbandry conditions and on technical im-provements of recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) for a profitable and sustaina-ble production of aquatic organisms.

Our RAS for fresh- and seawater allow for controlled and reproducible scientific studies. Currently, we operate seven RAS with total tank capacities ranging from 3 to 31.5 m3 and four racks of aquaria with volumes of single tanks from 1.5 to 200 l. In all systems a high water quality is provided by mechanical, chemical and biological water treatment. Sophisticated measure-ment and control technology ensures conti-nuous monitoring of water parameters and adherence to predefined values. For experi-ments on algae and aquaponics a green house is available. Microalgae can be pro-duced in a tubular photobioreactor. Further-more, basic hatchery equipment like Zouger jars and production systems for Brachionus and Artemia nauplii are ready for use. For custom-tailored experimental setups ZAF has its own workshop. The laboratory can be used for chemical analyses and microscopy.


  • Testing of aquafeeds
  • Optimisation of husbandry conditions
  • Physiology, behavior and toxicology
  • Budgets of C, N and P
  • Biochemical analyses
  • New species for aquaculture
  • Integrated multitrophic aquaculture
  • Design and optimisation of RAS
  • Development and testing of instruments and innovative technical components

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