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System and Process Engineering for Recirculating Aquaculture Systems

The “ZAF” of imare GmbH offers a modern and flexible infrastructure for the develop-ment of new aquaculture technologies:

Design and optimisation

New components and prototypes can be tested and evaluated in our facilities. Additionally, we can design new recirculating aquaculture systems. The design can therefore be customised to a chosen candidate or location. The evaluation of existing systems and the development of optimisation proposals are in our product portfolio, as well.

Water treatment

We can determine and optimise the efficiency of your biological and mechanical filtration systems and components in stress tests. Furthermore we can support you in the development of new procedure attempts and develop prototypes which can be tested in our existing systems afterwards.

Measurement and control technology

The adjustment and control of physical and chemical water parameters is an essential process in order to guarantee a stable and economical system. In our recirculating systems we examine your sensors in long-term-tests for the suitability and reliability in sea and freshwater. Thus new measurement, control and regulation processes can be evaluated for the use in recirculating aquaculture systems.


  • Design and optimisation of RAS
  • Development and testing of instruments and innovative technical components

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