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Environment Wind

The progress of technics for ecological research and maintenance of Offshore windfarms have essential practical impact on research, development and the available services in regard with the needs of companies and in some degree to legislative processes.

In addition, companies of other fields will profit by this knowhow. Modern methods and equipment in combination with qualified employees in research and technology will offer possibilities of future-orientated projects.

The group Environment Wind focusses on biofouling and corrosive processes as well as new techniques for the monitoring of avifauna. Details about existing and closed projects are listed below:


Research Projects


Micronaut Enviro - User-friendly enzyme-assay for the timely detection of microbial induced corrosion

no copper - Biocide-free fouling protection for mariculture

Hydrotex - Development of functional textiles for hydrodynamically stressed and air-trapping interfaces

SediBat II - Optimisation of a sediment microbial fuel cell as energy source for maritime sensor systems

UFO - Environmental loads on offshore wind turbines

BESTkorr - Parameterisation of dissolving sacrificial anodes for the ecological modeling of persistent metals in the marine environment (WP imare)


Closed projects of the Group Environment Wind

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