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As more wind turbines will be built in deeper waters in future, the splash water zone and the submerged parts of their foundations are increasingly important parts to protect against corrosion. In the context of the project BESTkorr a calculation and evaluation software is developed as a knowledge base for effective corrosion protection installations and technical requirements. Thus, innovative and environmentally friendly concepts should be evaluated much faster than before in their functions and effects in comparison with existing systems. The project partners hope to gain a competitive advantage based on an increase in quality and material optimization by ecologically safer anti-corrosion measures.

Within the project imare is engaged with the parameterisation of properties of sacrificial anodes dissolving under flow and kinetic coefficients for the ecological modeling of persistent metals in the marine environment.



contact: Dr. Christof Baum, project duration: 01.01.2012 - 30.10.2013


BESTkorr is funded by the Ecology Fund of the State of Bremen. Programm zur Förderung anwendungsnaher Umwelttechniken / PFAU.




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