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Environmental loads on offshore wind turbines (UFO)

Offshore wind turbines are exposed, on opposite to onshore facilities, to harsher and more aggressive environmental loads such as salt-loaden seasprays or temperatur gradients.

The aim of the project is the technical measurement, analysis and evaluation of climatological conditions on platforms and met masts and wind turbines in the offshore and nearshore area. The influences of environmental conditions is investigated and analyzed on system components such as the nacelle and rotor blades. The UFO project is coordinated at the Hochschule Bremerhaven at the Institute for Wind Energy (fk-wind :). imare accompanies the evaluation of environmental loads by image analysis and the development of a field-grade optical measurement unit.



contact: Dr. Christof Baum, Project duration: 01.07.2011-30.06.2014


The project is funded by Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety under the project code 0325255B.




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