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Atmospheric depolyment tests

Outdoor Weathering test site and field tests


Testing Facilities for Outdoor Weathering


During deployment, various materials are often exposed to different climatic conditions leading to greater wear and reduced service life through processes of degradation.

Alternating environmental loads and a combined load spectrum such as temperature variation, saline atmosphere, UV-radiation, mechanical loads etc. are limiting factors when designing components or coatings and calculating their service life.   

In order to test materials under realistic conditions, they are either exposed directly (marine outdoor weathering) or indirectly (atmospheric outdoor weathering) to seawater. The stronger and more aggressive the load spectrum is the faster effects become apparent. At our test site on the offshore-island Helgoland we are able to test components, materials, whole building elements etc. Due to the harsh climatic conditions of the North Sea, processes of degradation and potential weak spots can be identified quickly. Further test sites are in Wilhelmshaven, Bremerhaven and on the island of Sylt. Outdoor Weathering is used for product tests and quality assurance, e.g. to detect corrosion and related material degradation. In comparison to a climate chamber, outdoor weathering not only provides realistic results over a long period of time but it is also a cost-saving alternative. Field tests and data analysis are implemented under common industry standards and norms (like DIN EN ISO 2810).


Atmospheric Outdoor Weathering – Location Helgoland


The atmospheric testing facility is located on the west-pier of Helgoland Island. The area is company-owned and allows test under offshore climatic conditions. With a high number of sunshine hours, high UV-intensity and a high degree of salinity in the air, Helgoland is a location of exceptional quality. According to customer needs different kind of samples can be exposed to specific collective loads on suitable test facilities.

Testing facilities are situated on secure grounds, which are also sheltered from storm surges or other mechanical loads. Samples are frequently assessed and effects documented. Analysis of materials e.g. assessing the degree of chalking (e.g. DIN EN ISO 4628-6) or gloss (DIN EN ISO 2813) is carried out according to customers’ wishes.


Marine Outdoor Weathering


The Samples at the dock are exposed to realistic sea water loads.

The testing facilities are situated in the area of submerged zone, tidal zone as well as the splash zone. The biological load at the submerged zone is dominated by micro- and macrofouling, at the tidal zone by macrofouling and moderate wave loads. The four different locations (Helgoland, Sylt, Bremerhaven and Wilhelmshaven) also exhibit different environmental conditions and upon customer request emphasis can be placed on different environmental criteria. The marine outdoor weathering ensures the integrity and security of samples and frequent sampling is guaranteed. On request we can provide further analysis of biofouling e.g. area coverage, classification of organisms, image analysis and fluid-structure-coupling.  

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