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LoadLOG project includes a concept development to optimize the logistics of large components for wind industry, exemplary based on Tripod substructures. Two integrated systems ensure an easy and time efficient handling. This will be achieved by embedding the components on a specially developed load carrier system during the entire logistics process. The load carrier will be designed for onshore storage and offshore transportation and will be optimized by light weight design approaches. The existing logistical infrastructure like transportation using specific lifting devices and cranes at the storage area is to be taken into consideration. Furthermore, the project includes the development of a seafastening system to fasten the components, embedded on the load carrier system, to the transportation vessel. Beside the efficiency increase of the logistics process, the objective is to include environmental friendly methods and achieve resource conservation. The conceptual state of this project provides the base to further realize the product development of both integrated systems in detail.


Contact at imare: Marvin Frank

Project duration: 01.03.2014 – 15.12.2014

Project partner: imare GmbH, BLG Logistics Solutions


This project is funded by the State of Bremen, Förderprogramm Angewandte Umweltforschung (AUF).



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